Why Us Not Them
Multiblast offers complete media blasting services in house with the abilities to accommodate up to approximately 20 feet long and 10 feet wide with our booth. Specializing in automobile sheet metal as well as frames and heavier gauge steel as well. With over 16 experience you can trust our abilities to get the job done safely and with extreme quality. We do most all of our blasting with 120 grit aluminum oxide the very same thing used on most all sand paper. Giving us the ability to safely remove paint, body filler, rust without warping or hurting any of the metal as well as not leaving any unwanted residue behind making the metal ideally profiled to easily seal up and get the job going. We also offer priming and bare metal sealing in house


  • Baking soda is much softer than the metal only removing paint's and fillers leaving behind rust as well a salty residue which if not properly removed will only cause the metal to be more prone to rusting.
  • Baking soda also does not profile the steel making it to smooth to get proper adhesion with any acid etch or epoxy sealers meaning after blasting and properly cleaning the metal you would then in turn need to completely DA or hand sand down all the metal which would be extremely hard in all the (nook and cranny) areas only making (more work for the customer) than in some case's than just doing it yourself with a chemical stripper.

  • Chemical stripping and or chemical dipping is where the part and or body is submerged in a hazardous chemical stripping agent which slowly eats away at the paints, fillers and in a lot of case's only partially removes rust leaving you again with a smooth metal surface with a residue that would need to be properly removed (MORE WORK FOR THE CUSTOMER)
  • Chemical strippers will strip and remove anything on the inside of parts as well the outside meaning there will be areas which were properly sealed from the factory (Rocker Panels and all hide-in areas) of a body or parts making them unprotected with a chemical residue which is still trying to eat away at the metal and rust. Making it a breading ground for rust.
  • We have blasted over many chemically stripped jobs that very disgusted customers brought in thinking this would not be what they were getting into then in turn having to pay us to re-blast all the areas we physically can still leaving the unprotected areas we could not get. Many of the jobs have came in still leaching chemicals out threw all of the seams (Not a pretty sight)
  • Chemical strippers will also remove all or most of any factory seam sealers meaning that whole body and or part will have to be completely re seam sealed (more money and more time). When we blast bodies we only dig out lose or bad seam sealer meaning only the sealer that needed to be removed would need to be replaced.
  • I've seen many jobs that were chemically stripped and completely painted and done still leaching stripper from seams and other areas literally removing the new paint job (A complete night mare)
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