Price List
  • Cars
Tape up and blast complete exterior
(We will try our best when taping glass, chrome, or other left on vehicle but will not take responsibility for damage due to blasting or other) Small To Large- $650-$900
  • Cars and Trucks Complete
As an average of blasting complete cars and trucks inside and out on main body frame with components, door, hood, deck lid, fender, wheel wells, and all miscellaneous parts without extreme amounts of paint or undercoating (grease ect,)  they will average between $1400.00-$1700.00
  • Pick-Up Trucks
Tape up and blast complete exterior
Mini Trucks Short Box $650.00 inside box add $200.00 (Long box add $100)
Full Size Trucks Short Box $750 inside box $200
Full Size Long Box $850 inside box $250
  • Cabs
Full size truck no doors blasted inside and out underside complete $300-$350 Extra Cab add $80.00
  • Frames Car & Truck
Small Frame w/o any components (bare frame) $175.00 with components (complete) $250.00
Large Frame w/o any components (bare frame) $250.00 with components (complete) $450.00-$500.00
  • Bumpers
Urethane or Rubber bumper Covers from $80.00-$150.00
Steel Bumpers both sides $50.00-$80.00
  • Fenders, Doors, Decklids
Small Exterior Only $50.00 (complete) $75.00
Large Exterior Only $70.00 (complete) $100.00
(Doors) Add to cost for any taping and/or prep work due to glass or mechanisms left in doors. Highly recommended they be removed to keep from being damaged or debris getting to mechanisms. (We will try our best to tape up glass left in doors but will not take responsibility for damage)
  • Sealing of Parts
All sealing of parts or cars with use of our PPG Industrial Epoxy primer are billed at $50.00 per gun cup for material and application time. Other sealers we use may slightly vary in their price per cup. If we are provided with a sealer by customer you will be charged $40.00 per hour application fee.
  • Please Read:
Most all blasting is done with 120 grit aluminum oxide. This product is what is used for a grit on most all sand paper. It will remove all paint, rust, and body filler if necessary, leaving behind a 120 grit profile on the steel making it ideally suited for direct application of bare metal type primers or sealers. Some sealers you may also require a metal prepping agent for them to achieve excellent adhesion. Ask your paint store before purchasing. This product can also damage chrome, stainless steel, or any glass left on vehicle. We will try our very best and have excellent luck taping and prepping them but can not guarantee that no damage will occur.
  • All Prices on this list are based only on averages. Parts and/or cars that have been painted more than twice, ever powder coated, or have grease, oil, or undercoating on them may need physical labor at $40.00 per hour to prep, clean, or strip before blasting.
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